Appendix A.2. Software Notes for Building Repairlix

This Appendix lists software that either

Appendix A.2.1. Required Packages

The following packages usually have to be installed before building Repairlix, since they are not yet part of the defaults for most distros:

Appendix A.2.2. Nice-to-Have Packages

These packages are optional but lovely to have installed before doing a build of Repairlix:

Appendix A.2.3. Problematic Packages

Appendix A.2.3.1. usermode

The usermode package is potentially problematic because it brings in executables called shutdown, reboot, halt, etc. and puts them in the PATH. Guess what, these executables all have gtk, gdk, X11 and a bunch more junk linked into them (for what purpose I'm honestly not sure) and the builder automatically yanks in all linked libraries, filling up the disk with unneeded bloat. Generally the usermode stuff goes into /usr/bin, leaving the originals in /sbin where they belong, so I simply made sure /sbin and /usr/sbin are first in the path (as they should be anyway); this way, only the slim shutdown, reboot, etc. are pulled in, with no bloated libs. If rd-base runs out of disk space during the build (which will be indicated by a scroll of errors during library installation) the problem MIGHT be that it's bringing in the usermode versions of these executables instead of the real ones. Most people will have no problems of this kind.

Appendix A.2.3.2. passwd

Later versions of the passwd package set passwd to mode 4511. This gives users execute permission but not read permission. I'm not sure what cracks could be accomplished by being able to read the passwd executable; there's absolutely nothing stopping you from compiling passwd yourself in your home directory if you want a peek at what's in it. Unfortunately this default set of modes does prevent the file from being copied by a normal user. I recommend you do this as root when you're building Repairlix as a normal user (q.v. instructions):

# chmod 4555 /usr/bin/passwd 

This incurs no security risk, and it enables you to build Repairlix as a normal user.

Appendix A.2.3.3. tar

Version 1.13.19 of tar is required. Earlier versions have a -I option but not a -j option. -j is the new standard option for un-bzipping tarballs. Version 1.13.17 doesn't have this option, so beware.